The making of a salad offers enormous scope, even for a plain green salad. A little bit of planning with a salad can be tremendously appetizing, as there are few dishes that can beat what a tastefully varied and attractive salad looks like.

All about Green Salads

Plant-based diets offer tremendous health benefits

There are millions of vegans and vegetarians around the world, and it is such a growing lifestyle, that there is even World Vegan Day in November.

You just have to do a bit of research on the plant-based lifestyle to discover the many reasons why people opt for this healthy way of life.

Amazing health, as well as a diet that satisfies in the most extraordinary way, is what ensures that each year millions of new vegetarian converts will be added to the growing ranks of vegetarians.

Fight the coronavirus with greens

Now, particularly with the coronavirus causing havoc around the world, people are looking at plant-based foods. The reason for this is that these foods are packed with potent ingredients that help in maintaining a healthy immune system.

I mean the simple tomato has powerful ingredients that can protect you from cancer. Seeds and nuts too, welcome in a green salad, are full of rich, healing ingredients.

All salad greens such as watercress, cucumbers and lettuce should be fresh and crisp. You have to be careful when you add the salad dressing as the dressing added in too early can wilt the salad ingredients.

Lettuce or rocket the base of a salad

A green salad nearly always has crisp lettuce leaves, spinach or rocket as a base, but there are so many other fabulous green foods you can add. What about the wonderful avocado? Many people dismiss avocado in a green salad because of its fat content, but it contains monounsaturated fats, the fat that is needed to help the body deal with oxidation and free radicals.

Excellent ingredients such as potassium and chromium are found in avocados. Potassium is important for treating high blood pressure.

Garlic may not be green, but it does wonders for flavor in a green salad. This is a superfood, particularly valuable for boosting the immune system and preventing disease. It has potent healing properties.

Vegetarians live longer

There is no denying that vegetarians who cut out meat and concentrate more on plant foods have lower rates of cancer, less heart disease, reduced breast, and ovarian cancers, have lower rates of diabetes, and live on average, 10 years longer than red-meat eaters.

With that in mind, the last thing to do with your salad is to sprinkle it lightly with a salad dressing of oil and vinegar, add in your salt ad pepper and toss it. Then it’s time to eat and drink and be merry because you’ve discovered the secret to a diet that fights off disease, early aging, and even death.

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