The answer to the question – how many eggs for egg salad – varies. Even though your egg containers appear much the same in shape and size, do not be mistaken. On the carton, you will see different sizes being advertised. Chickens do not naturally produce eggs that are all the same size. A lot of things influence the size of a chicken’s egg.  There is a lot of variety with eggs and even chickens can come up with surprises when it comes to the size of the eggs they produce. The happiness and wellbeing of hens determine the size of their eggs as well.  In fact, eggs are sorted by grade and weight and always packaged according to size.

How many eggs for egg salad – What kind of egg salad are you making?

What kind of egg salad are you making

How many eggs for egg salad will depend on what you are wanting your egg salad for. You may want to whip up a delectable but simple filling for your sandwich, and then you can easily get away with just one egg.

Also, what you include in your egg salad will also lead you to know how many eggs for egg salad as well as how many people will be sharing your tasty salad with you. Egg salad is always a favorite dish and there are a hundred and one variations of egg salad.

In the United States of America, there are 6 different sizes of eggs. If you have the smallest peewee eggs, you may well have to boil about 6 of them to be able to make an egg salad filling for your sandwich.  There are small eggs, medium-, large, extra-large eggs, and jumbo eggs.

How many eggs for egg salad therefore can be 6 peewee eggs or just one jumbo egg. An ostrich egg is a huge egg that has a slightly fluffier texture than a chicken egg. Just one ostrich egg is equal to about 18 to 24 regular chicken eggs. If you wanted to make an egg salad for 10 or more people, you would only require one ostrich egg.

There are some chefs who cook with these special kinds of eggs such as duck-, quail or ostrich eggs to ensure different flavors and textures.

Ostrich eggs weigh more or less 3 lbs and preparing one of them to add to a salad will require you to boil it for about two hours and when cooled can be used in any egg salad dish you have in mind.

So much versatility with eggs

So much versatility with eggs

Some people buy 12 eggs each week and boil all of them for the entire week. They like to keep boiled eggs in the fridge and use them on their own as a quick snack dipped in salt or pepper. There are so many different salads where you can add sheer flavor just by adding in eggs.

Variety of Eggs

There are different kinds of eggs on the market and for many people concerned about health, they like to know that the eggs they eat are free-range and organic. Eggs from happy, free-to-roam hens produce eggs that are higher in nutrients. These are the kinds of eggs you want in your salads as they are rich in potassium and protein.

The best egg salad

The best egg salad is always made with just a few ingredients. Of course, people have added other favorite ingredients like herbs and mustard in to get it just the way they like it but the original egg salad always had egg, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, and mayonnaise.

How many eggs for egg salad depends on different factors

There is no hard and fast rule about how many eggs for egg salad. If you are making a salad for just yourself and a friend it will be one or two eggs but for 5 or more people you will be looking at 6 to 12 eggs. It all depends on the size of the salad and which ingredients you want to be more prominent.

If you are making just one egg salad sandwich for yourself, you can get away with one or two boiled eggs.  Some people might want a sparsely filled sandwich while others may want to make sure they have sufficient salad to allow for two egg sandwiches. They boil two eggs for themselves then.

Eggs are a superb protein food choice for vegetarian meals

Eggs are a superb protein food choice for vegetarian meals

These days, more and more people are becoming vegetarian. Obviously, they worry a little bit about their source of protein, but it is the hard-boiled eggs that provide protein. For a Veggie Nicoise Salad just as an example, for 8 people, you would boil 6 eggs and then cut them into quarters.

Included in the salad would be olive oil, lemon juice, thyme, mustard, pepper, oregano, kidney beans, potatoes, asparagus, and a few other healthy ingredients.

Eggs are such an affordable high-quality protein and they are nutrient-dense with the yolks being rich in choline, so important for good health. Eggs can be found in savory and sweet dishes but how many eggs for egg salad will depend a lot on the size of the eggs as well.

How many eggs for egg salad when you include delicious ingredients such as avocado, cucumber, spring onion, olive oil, lemon juice, and vinegar will include just one or two hard-boiled eggs.

Egg salad twists to wax lyrical about

Egg salad is wonderful for light lunches, picnics, and as side dishes for all kinds of meals. How many eggs for egg salad does not come with a definite answer as much depends on the size of your egg salad and the size of the eggs, but one thing that everyone agrees on is that egg salad is a super satisfying, healthy meal for any occasion.

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