It’s difficult to get the right kind of consistency when making soups or any dish. The texture might be too thick or it might be more runny than what you would’ve wanted it to be. Let us show you a few ways on how to make soup thicker if you’ve gotten a soup that tastes absolutely deliciously but might be a little too thin for your liking.

Before we go on to show you a few ways on how to make soup thicker, what to do if your soup doesn’t taste as strong as you’d hope it would be? Well, you can try to boil off the excess water. This will not just make the soup thicker but also increase its flavors.

So, back to the main question on how to make soup thicker. There are two ways you can go about this “kitchen adventure”. You can choose to thicken your soup without adding any ingredients to it, this will ensure your soup tastes exactly the same as you’ve made it but a bit thick. Another way is to thicken your soup by adding a couple of ingredients to it.

Be mindful that not all methods work well with all soups. Some soups have complex flavours and adding certain ingredients to it might ruin the delightful experience one gets from consuming soup. Without any further ado, let’s look at some of the ways you can thicken your soup and enjoy your cold nights.

How to make soup thicker without any ingredients

how to make soup thicker

Yes, it’s possible. You can make your soup thicker by simply blending it. So, how do you go about doing that?

Blend the soup

This is kitchen 101 basic. If your soup is filled with vegetables but is still a bit thin, then simply blend your soup. Blending your soup that has a lot of ingredients (vegetables) in it will result in the vegetables blending in with the broth eventually thickening it. Blend the soup until you get the required consistency.

How to make soup thicker with ingredients

Some soups need to be treated differently when it comes to thickening it. So, let’s look at ways on how to make soup thicker using ingredients that might be readily available in your kitchen.

Add yogurt or cream

Cream is a great thickening solution for dishes. You can simply mix in a spoonful of cream in your soup first. If it requires more cream, then add accordingly. Yogurt is more effective when it comes to thickening soup, however if your yogurt is a bit tart then it might add a bit of zing to the soup. As all dairy products, make sure not to boil your soup after you’ve mixed in the yogurt or cream. Dairy products will split upon boiling and disintegrate clouding up your soup resulting in a bad food experience.

how to make soup thicker

Add flour or flour paste

You can add flour to your soup if you were wondering how to make a soup thicker. Start by adding a small bit of flour, perhaps a tablespoon. Add as required to get the desired consistency. You can even substitute flour with corn flour if you don’t have any lying around. Another similar way to thicken soup is to add flour and butter paste. This in french is referred to as beurre manie meaning kneading butter. Add two spoons of flour with 2 spoons of butter and mix away. Add the mixture to your simmering soup and stir well. The butter in this cooking method aids in spreading the flour evenly in liquids.

Add lentils

Cream, yogurt or flour cannot be used in some types of soup as it might ruin its authentic flavor. For example, such things cannot be mixed in a tomato soup as it won’t result in a well balanced soup. In such situations, you can add lentils or rice to the soup and boil. As lentils or rice starts to cook, it’ll increase in volume taking in the soup and thicken it. You can then blend them in the soup to have even thick consistency.

Add bread

Yes, this one might seem a bit weird to you but trust us, it works with most soups. If you don’t want to change the flavor of your soup then we suggest adding in a bread with milder flavor. However, if you don’t mind a stronger flavour soup, you can choose to add sourdough bread. Soak the bread in your soup first to soften it before completely submerging it. Then blend away and voila, the next thing you know you’ve got a thick delicious soup.

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