Mushroom coffee benefits abound and this is excellent news for coffee lovers who are used to being pounded with the negatives of drinking too much coffee. With the addition of medicinal mushrooms, you are dealing with a potent, anticancer, anti-inflammation soft drink.

Many coffee addicts love experimenting with their favorite drink and mushroom coffee benefits have given them every reason to check out what’s in it for them. But what is the best mushroom coffee and are some mushrooms used more than others? Adding in medicinal mushroom powder can give the coffee a whole new twist.

Coffee lovers always swear by the cups of coffee they drink but there are alternatives. Cinnamon can be added to coffee but what about mushrooms? After all, both cinnamon and mushrooms are two great ingredients to enhance health. But what is mushroom coffee and can one really enjoy it with mushrooms added in?

Yes, mushroom coffee benefits are many and if you knew that it was a healthier alternative to regular coffee, would it interest you to give it a go?

Mushroom Extract Is Added To Coffee

Mushroom Extract Is Added To Coffee

What is mushroom coffee and do the mushrooms differ from other mushrooms? We know that mushrooms have been used medicinally, but adding them to coffee is something new but it has gained in popularity. With mushroom coffee, it is the mushroom extract that is added to coffee.

When you start shopping for mushroom coffee, you will find that some brands are made from just one kind of mushroom while others combine a number of varieties. What is mushroom coffee? it is where mushroom powders are used with coffee. They are low in calories and are useful when included in a weight loss diet. Because they are also vegan and gluten-free, they appeal to many people.

Mushroom Coffee Benefits

There are many mushroom coffee benefits and one of them is not jeopardizing your favorite coffee taste. It is easy to make and the taste does not for one minute detract from the coffee taste you love so much, but rather just enhances it.

So to make mushroom coffee, you just add the mushroom powder to your coffee. In fact, you simply prepare your coffee as you normally would and then mix in a teaspoon of the powdered mushroom blend you like.

Mushroom coffee benefits are many and it is why so many people are looking with more interest at this fungal superfood. A convenient way to drink mushroom coffee is in those single-serving packets that you can buy and which are also available for your regular coffee too.

it is super convenient and comes with pre-measured ingredients that no doubt include some sweetener and creamer. Some of the blends will offer different mushroom species mixed together while others will just offer one mushroom species. Here are some mushroom coffee benefits –

  • Brain function support. These days everybody is sick with anxiety at the thought of Alzheimer’s or dementia and especially with mushroom coffee that has lion’s mane in it, you can benefit from brain function support. The bioactive compounds support brain and nerve health.
  • Nutritional benefits. Just one teaspoon of a mushroom powder containing just one mushroom species gives you all you need to enjoy a host of nutritional benefits. Powder made from dried, whole food mushrooms can provide lots of vitamins and minerals as well as bioactive compounds.
  • Reduces stress. These adaptogenic mushroom species help to calm a person and counter stressors, assisting with a better night’s sleep.
  • Helps with gut health. Medicinal mushrooms such as the ones we have mentioned contain prebiotic fiber content. These medicinal mushrooms support the growth of bacteria in the GI tract and just a teaspoon can help you with the required fiber you need.
  • Anti-cancer properties. Medicinal mushrooms are anti-cancer. In fact, they have been used medicinally in Asia for thousands of years already and the Maitake mushroom particularly is rich in polysaccharide beta-glucan and is thought to be able to eliminate tumor growth. Researchers at the National Cancer Institute have discovered that this maitake extract is effective against the activity of the AIDS virus too.
  • Weight loss. You will also find shiitake mushrooms on supermarket shelves. It is a rich-tasting mushroom that also works to support the body’s healing abilities. Shiitake mushrooms are high in B vitamins, and they serve as a food source of vitamin D. You would think that Shiitake mushrooms are the best mushroom coffee powder options as they are high in B vitamins, they aid in weight loss and they support heart health.
  • Reduces inflammation. Chronic inflammation is the culprit for many diseases in the body. Different mushroom species have these amazing anti-inflammatory compounds that include B vitamins, carotenoids, and polysaccharides, and there are many mushroom coffee benefits but one of these important ones is its ability to reduce inflammation.
  • Helps with your workout. It is known that cordyceps mushrooms particularly can support endurance and stamina and also assist with muscle recovery.

Mushroom Coffee Alternative

Mushroom Coffee Alternative

When you are wondering which type of mushroom coffee to buy, there are mushroom coffee alternatives. For instance, if you are wanting to be able to focus more because you have a heavy schedule at work or you are writing an exam, then you will choose mushroom coffee with lions main or cordyceps mushrooms in the blend.

A mushroom coffee alternative abounds and you can choose blends with less caffeine, brands that are less pricey, one that improves your immune system, or something else. If you are trying to cut caffeine out of your diet, the best mushroom coffee alternative or substitute are the brands that comply with this particular category for you.

Not only is mushroom coffee delicious, but people are beginning to look at the many mushroom coffee benefits that can’t be ignored when it comes to your health. True, your regular coffee has antioxidant power, but now you can increase that potential with mushroom coffee. By stirring in a spoon of organic mushroom powder you can enhance your cuppa with some extraordinary health benefits. When it comes to the brain and heart, you want to find everything you can that can assist with it. Try a single-species powder or try a multi mushroom blend.

Just like there are lots of different coffee brands and strengths so it is with mushroom coffee. There are different tastes and ingredients.

Just like with all fruits and vegetables these days, your best option for mushroom coffee is to go with organic mushroom coffee. Some brands of mushroom coffee promise a blend of the best organic instant coffee and organic mushrooms and even include some other herbs. One way or the other, mushroom coffee is your healthier alternative.

Mushroom Coffee Side Effects?

We know that mushrooms are good for you but isn’t their goodness diminished when added into the coffee. People have many questions in their minds about mushroom coffee. Who came up with the idea of mushroom coffee?  There must be mushroom coffee side effects, after all the wrong mushrooms can make you sick and even kill you.

How does it work? Are there mushroom coffee benefits available to you just by dropping a slice of mushroom into your coffee? You can’t just put any mushrooms into coffee and you do not want to just drop some sliced mushrooms into your coffee.

So how do you get mushroom coffee benefits then? Which mushrooms should be used and do you just drop the mushroom whole like that into your cup of coffee?

The mushrooms that most people use in their coffee are Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Chaga, and Cordyceps. And no, you do not just wash one of these mushrooms and add them to your coffee.

The mushrooms used in your coffee go through a special process. But are the mushroom coffee benefits worth it all? People who drink mushroom coffee say that you can benefit from several health benefits such as reduced stress, reduced inflammation, a stronger immune system, and higher energy levels. An improvement in all these things is worth taking a look at this mushroom coffee.

So, What Is Mushroom Coffee Exactly?So What Is Mushroom Coffee Exactly

One of the things people take note of about mushroom coffee is that it has less caffeine in it and health fanatics are pleased to note this. Today, there are more mushroom coffee products than ever on the shelves and in different forms too.

They contain different forms of ground medicinal mushrooms or extracts. There are some mushrooms that have been used in medicine for many years and there are some top mushroom coffee brands that make use of these mushrooms in their coffees. Since you are drinking coffee, it does still have caffeine, but mushroom coffee has far less caffeine.


Reishi mushrooms are one of the best mushroom coffee varieties. They have been part of traditional medicine practices for centuries and contain peptides, polysaccharides, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, and also triterpenoids.

The mushrooms are ground into powder. Mushroom coffee side effects with reishi mushrooms are not well known and it appears not much research has been done in humans.

Some people who have taken reishi mushroom extract have reported sore stomachs, liver damage, and nausea. On the other hand, there are Reishi mushrooms that people sweat by and say that they are great mushrooms to combat free radicals and antioxidants. They say that regular consumption of reishi mushrooms can increase your antioxidant levels.

Chaga Mushrooms

These mushrooms found in mushroom coffee grow on birch trees in the northern hemisphere. People might miss finding them as instead of looking like your regular mushroom, they look like some soil that landed up in the tree.

If you look carefully, you will find orange tissue beneath its exterior. Like the reishi mushroom, the Chaga mushroom is also high in antioxidants and plant compounds such as melanins, flavans, polyphenols, polysaccharides, and triterpenoids.

The mushrooms are also used for making herbal teas. It is believed that they reduce bad cholesterol. We all know these days that high cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease.

While it has many other health benefits, these mushrooms should not be looked upon as a reason to throw out all your medicines. You might get mushroom coffee side effects with the Chaga mushroom as it can interact negatively with some medications.

To reduce the risks of mushroom coffee side effects, if you are on prescription meds, rather tell your doctor that you are drinking the coffee. You may even have to avoid other herbal supplements while taking Chaga. You will find Chaga mushrooms in quite a few supplements and herbal teas as well.

Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps is a fungus that unbelievably lives on a caterpillar in China. This mushroom is used because of its mushroom coffee benefits for health. People use cordyceps for a host of ailments such as kidney disorders but also for athletic performance.

With mushroom coffee, cordyceps mushrooms are commonly used medicinal mushrooms. There is a compound in cordyceps known as cordycepin and it has been researched for its health benefits for boosting the immune system.

As with the other mushrooms used in mushroom coffee, there might be mushroom coffee side effects such as stomach aches, diarrhea, and nausea.

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s mane mushrooms are white with spines. Mushroom coffee benefits are also available with this particular mushroom. Research reveals that they also offer some health benefits which include heart health and reduced inflammation.

It is also thought to be useful for older people battling with cognitive impairment. However, the research has mainly been done on animals. The mushroom grows on the trunks of dead hardwood trees and has been used for decades in East Asian medicine. It is available in supplement form as well.

When it comes to selecting a lion’s mane product for coffee, coffee manufacturers have to know how to evaluate these mushroom products for taste and quality. Manufacturers use a variety of processes to get these mushrooms such as Lion’s mane ready. The mushrooms are always grown carefully to avoid environmental toxins. In the case of lion’s mane mushrooms, they are milled to a fine powder.

Look To Nature And To Mushrooms

If only people would look more to nature to fight disease because foods straight out of nature have some amazing disease-fighting properties. All we have to do is recognize and use them.

Mushroom coffee benefits are pretty solid and by switching to mushroom coffee, cancer and other diseases of a malfunctioning immune system can be avoided.