Over time many people have recreated the classic “my time at Portia fruit salad”. You may see a lot of interpretations of a fruit salad, some even showing up in games. Yes, you heard that right. My time at Portia is one of those games that had everyone boggled on how to make a fruit salad. The dish looks aesthetically pleasing in the game and we bet it will taste delicious in real life as well. So, let’s create my time at Portia fruit salad with a bit of a twist that we know you’ll definitely enjoy if you’re crazed about fruit salad.

We understand that fruit salads are for summers, but since it’s winter we will incorporate winter fruits and a light citrus sweet dressing that will make you hum in front of your cozy fireplace surrounded by your loved ones.

My time at Portia fruit salad: Ingredients

My time at portia fruit salad Ingredients

Let’s face it. My time at Portia fruit salad does not hold many ingredients. According to the game, you only require salad sauce and two different fruits like lemon, snake berry, apple, and apricot. In our little twist to the recipe, we will incorporate winter fruits with a nice light citrus fruit salad dressing. The best thing about this fruit salad is that it won’t take more than 15 minutes to make and prepare. Perfect to stir something quick up after dinner.

The ingredients you would need for this winter treat are as follows.

  • A pound of clementines
  • Two pears
  • Two apples
  • Four kiwis
  • One pomegranate (Medium to large-sized)
  • For the delicious citrus sauce, you would need the following ingredients.
  • Honey
  • One lime (Medium sized)
  • One lemon (Medium sized)

Now that you’ve grabbed your ingredients, let’s head to the recipe on how to make my time at Portia fruit salad with a bit of a twist for the winter season.

My time at Portia fruit salad: Recipe

My time at portia fruit salad Recipe

Okay, the first thing when it comes to making the fruit salad is to get the fruits ready for the bowl. Start slicing all the fruits except clementine as clementines would require segmenting it. You can slice the fruits however you prefer. Some people enjoy large cubes of apple while others prefer slices.

Get the pomegranate seeds out after you’ve sliced the fruit open. Use the back of a spoon to whack the seeds out of the pomegranate. Once you’ve prepped all the fruits (pat yourself on the back for a job well done), start mixing it in a large bowl so every bite has the right proportion of fruits.

Now that you’ve prepped the fruits for the fruit salad, it’s time to get your salad dressing or sauce ready.

My time at Portia fruit salad recipe: Salad dressing

The sauce is the important thing in a fruit salad that makes a huge difference. If you want to elevate your fruit salad to the next level, you need a sauce on it. Since its winters, we’ve chosen to stick with a light yet flavorful sauce.

So, let’s compose ourselves first before we get to make the sauce. Get your measuring cup ready.

Got it? Great!

Measure out three tablespoons of honey in the measuring cup. Squeeze the lemon to get two tablespoons of lemon juice. Repeat the process for lime as well. Mix all the ingredients in the measuring cup.

If you find that the lime and lemon juice are not mixing well with the honey, microwave the measuring cup and warm it up for 10 seconds. The honey should now be warm enough to dissolve in your citrus juices. Mix well.

You’re done! It’s that simple. Proceed to drizzle the refreshing sauce over the fruit salad and start to gently toss your fruit salad to get all the fruits coated with the delicious citrus honey flavors.

Serve the fruit salad straight away in small bowls to your friends and family or simply enjoy it by yourself. Some enjoy adding a bit of cinnamon in their fruit salad to add to the festive spirit. If you want to keep it for later consumption, cover the fruit salad bowl using a plastic wrap and refrigerate. Consume within 6 hours to enjoy crisp fruits and avoid browning.

With many watching their waistlines this holiday, this fruit salad is perfect to cater to your sweet tooth without being guilty about what you eat. The natural sweetness from the fruits and the tanginess from the sauce in each bite will leave you wanting more. The syrup is so good that you can use it in many different fruit salad recipes.

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