With the coronavirus lingering longer, a person has to do what it takes to build up a healthy immune system. You have to eat yourself healthy the tasty way and one of the tastiest known vegetables is the summer squash or Delicata squash.

In fact, summer squash pasta is a super dish because it pleases everyone, especially because if you are hungry it can be whipped up in just half an hour. The summer squash is not quite the same as the butternut as the skin or rind is soft and edible, and this is what gives it a shorter shelf life as well.

Versatile summer squash

The weird thing about summer squash is that it is essentially a winter squash, but it falls in the same family as the yellow summer squash. It requires no peeling and the yellowish flesh is simply delicious in a pasta dish and it can be baked, steamed or roasted.

Summer squash is great in any pasta dish as it comes with a host of health benefits, one of which is that it provides us with a great combination of anti-inflammatory antioxidants, and the magnesium and potassium in the squash makes it useful for keeping blood pressure levels stable.

Nutritional gems

With the summer squash pasta dish, one ingredient you can’t miss out on is an egg, but to be more specific an organic egg. Eggs are packed full of vitamins and minerals and certified organic eggs are even better for this recipe. With the coronavirus still around, meals have to be contributing to a healthier immune system and organic eggs do just that. What’s more, they do not have the same unhealthy cholesterol and saturated fat than non-organic eggs have.

This summer squash pasta recipe includes lots of herbs and nuts too. Basil is always an excellent choice, particularly with the pasta added in. When you do research, you see that basil is found in lots of Mediterranean and Italian dishes.

Summer squash pasta with basil promises to have a wonderful, distinctive flavor. Basil is great for any salad or pasta dish. It also provides lots of vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants. You can add nuts too such as maple hazelnuts or pecans but these are not a must if you do not like the idea, as lots of people do not appreciate nuts in their food.

So what does the recipe for summer squash pasta basically entail then? The ingredients include just one Delicata squash, olive oil, smoked paprika, sea salt, the nuts, basil, maple syrup, pasta, organic eggs, garlic, goat cheese and lemon zest.

Get to know Goat Cheese

Do not let the goat cheese deter you in any way, because if you do not have it, then you can use other cheese. But it is worth finding out more about goat cheese. Goat’s milk is used to make all sorts of cheeses in fact and the reason it is preferred over other cheeses is that it is softer but far more tangier and tasty. It is higher in minerals as well as fat than regular cow cheese and importantly, it has less lactose.  Bear in mind though, it is not lactose-free cheese.

Garlic too, is part of the onion family and known for its health and medicinal properties. Amazingly nutritious, many of the health benefits that garlic offers are because of the sulfur compounds that are formed when you chop a garlic clove


Clean the squash, trim the edges and cut into nice strip sizes.  Place on a baking sheet with olive oil, salt and paprika and roast in the oven at 425˚F for 25 minutes.  While the squash is doing, Toast the hazelnuts, stir in the maple syrup and salt and place on a plate to cool.

Fry your organic eggs, cook the pasta and make the pasta sauce complete with the goat cheese, milk and garlic.  When the squash is ready, add the nuts and basil to the sheet tray and toss the squash with this. Add the pasta with sauce and eggs.

A nutrient-dense meal

This summer squash pasta is a temptation but that is not all, it supports your body with a healthy, nutrient-dense meal. You want to try and be eating most of the foods organic, and with meals like this you will be strengthening your immune system with ingredients that help to combat colds and flu, and that is what we all need now.

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