You must have witnessed multiple hot pots, vegetarian hot pots, beef broth hot pots, and many other hot pot recipes while scrolling through social media or Instagram specifically. Hot pots are among the traditional dishes made and eaten all around the world.

Hot pots are a one-stop station for all your nutrients. In addition to this, the best thing about hot pots is that they do not require continuous effort. Instead, you can pour in all the ingredients at once, and you are good to go.

The topic of interest today is vegetarian hot pot. Although there are multiple hot pot ideas, including those involving beef, chicken, and vegetables, we will discuss vegetarian hot pot ideas today.

Vegetarian hot pots are the best because they contain enormous amounts of nutrients and vegetables. You can allow the hot pot to simmer and enhance the flavor until the broth is dried. You can also enjoy the vegetarian hot pot with broth.

This article will discuss vegetarian hot pot for those who are unaware, multiple hot pot broth recipes, how you can make a hot pot at home, and the hot pot ingredients required to make a tasty hot pot.

What Is A Vegetarian Hot Pot?

What Is A Vegetarian Hot Pot

A hot pot is a pot positioned at the center of the table. The hot pot is kept warm by constant heat and contains half-filled broth. The table has many ingredients, too, which can be poured into the pot when the broth boils. These ingredients include mushrooms, greens, cauliflower, noodles, tofu, and other vegetables.

People can pour their favorite veggies into the hot pot and allow them to cook. You can also adjust the amount of spice according to your choice. Usually, there is a spicy broth or a broth with medium spice. When the vegetables are done, pour them into your plates with the broth and enjoy a rich, delicious hot pot.

What’s Different In Vegetarian Hot Pot?

Nowadays, hot pots are quite a trend. Not only at home, but specific restaurants are offering vegetarian hot pots in a warm and cozy environment. However, what’s so happening yet different about these hot pots is that people are raving over them.

Here are some reasons why people prefer veggie hot pots.

Easy Choice

People love hot pots because they are an easier choice. You need to shop for your favorite ingredients, wash them, and chop them according to the desired shape. In addition to this, you don’t have to stir and cook. Instead, you can pour in all the ingredients at once and allow the hot pot to cook.


Veggie hot pots are not customized according to a person’s choice. Instead, they offer a variety of ingredients that can be used. These ingredients include noodles, green veggies, mushrooms, rice cakes, etc. You can pour in the ingredients according to your preference.

A Fun Activity

Hot pot parties are always fun. You need a hot pot in the center and chit-chat. If you have a family hot pot party, you can discuss something. However, hot pot parties filled with guests and friends are a fantastic activity.

Hot Pot At Home

Hot Pot At Home

Although the traditional hot pot at home is now replaced with hot pot at restaurants, initially, this recipe originated at home only. Still, some people make amazing hot pots at home, filled with flavor and rich spices.

We have a tasty recipe for hot pot at home for you, infused with great flavors, and it will only require a limited number of readily available ingredients.

Equipment You Need

You will need specific equipment to make the traditional hot pot. The following is the equipment you will need to make a hot pot.

  1. First, you will need a portable heat source such as a tabletop burner or an electric burner.
  2. You will need a pot made of stainless steel. The pot should have a significant depth and height to hold a good amount of food.
  3. You should have chopsticks or bamboo sticks. Chopsticks and bamboo sticks are specially designed for hot pots. They aid in holding food items like mushrooms, noodles, and veggies.

Hot Pot Broth

Although there are many hot pot broth recipes, we will choose one of those hot pot broth recipes favored and used by the majority. However, the taste and spice can be adjusted as per your choice.

On a simpler scale, we will use some broth or chicken soup. You can use the water obtained after boiling the veggies for the vegetarian broth.

Next, you can add some hot pot ingredients such as ginger, garlic, scallions, and goji berries. Most of the time, the broth available at the restaurant has an elevated flavor. The chefs use tomato-based soup as broth or Sichuan hot pot broth.

To enhance the spice and flavor of your broth, you can add chilies, red pepper paste, and the famous Korean gochujang paste.

Hot Pot Ingredients

There are multiple hot pot ingredients you can use to make the perfect veggie hot pot. However, the aim is to strike the perfect balance with the ingredients to produce the best hot pot. As discussed above, there are multiple options within vegetables that you can use to make your perfect hot pot.

The following are the hot pot ingredients that can be used for a vegetarian hot pot.



Since we are focusing on a vegetarian hot pot, vegetables will surely be the key ingredient in this pot. Among other vegetables, you can use the leafy greens in your hot pot. You can add cabbage, spinach, potatoes, radish, corn, and watermelon.

In addition to this, you can use various mushrooms, ranging from enoki mushrooms to king mushrooms and other varieties like wood ears and oyster mushrooms.

Staple Starches

Starches always add a great flavor to your broth. You would not want a bland broth just with veggies. Moreover, we all love noodles, vermicelli, rice cakes, and dumplings. You can use thin, fresh white noodles, rice, spinach, and rice cakes.

There is no revision to cook these ingredients at a specific time. Instead, you can cook them according to your wishes. Some people prefer soggy noodles to crispy ones. Conclusively, you can alter the tenderness according to your choice.

Tofu And Beans

Tofu And Beans

Tofu and beans are also two of the ingredients you will commonly find in most hot pots. It adds up to taste and variety and is also appetite-fulfilling. Most of these items are usually cooked. They are just reheated when added to the hot pot.

You can add dried frozen tofu cut, firm tofu, pressed tofu, pressed tofu sheets, soy puffs, and many more options available in beans and tofu.

Tips To Make A Hot Pot

Tips To Make A Hot Pot

A hot pot requires the correct balance of ingredients placed in a well-seasoned broth. An imbalance in ingredients and broth can lead to a disaster in your hot pot. Hence, it would help if you had the perfect balance of each ingredient so that your hot pot tastes incredible.

The following are the tips you can follow to make the best hot pot.

  1. Ensure that your hot pot does not exceed the recommended daily sodium intake. In addition to this, abstain from adding table salt to your broth. Your broth contains ingredients like dumplings, tofu, mushrooms, and seafood. Hence, all these already have high sodium content; hence, adding table salt can be disastrous for your health.
  2. Ensure that your hot pot contains minimal amounts of saturated fat. Ingredients like canola oil and corn oil are high in saturated fats and hence dangerous for your health. In addition to this, your vegetarian soup base already solves the problem of saturated fats as it does not contain meat, chicken, or pork.
  3. Always go easy on carbohydrates. However, you can add noodles and starch staples for flavor and bulkiness, but always ensure a correct balance of carbs.
  4. Do not go overboard with dipping sauces. Always use light dipping sauces such as soy sauce, chili garlic, minced garlic, and vinegar sauce. These are great alternatives to chili oil, fried garlic, or oil-based sauces.
  5. Allow the broth to simmer. Don’t rush the eating process. Instead, allow the broth to simmer and ample time for the veggies and staples to cook. Give the broth around 20 to 25 minutes to cook. Similarly, don’t rush the process of eating either. Give yourself enough time to eat and chew properly.
  6. Choose the correct amount of spices for your broth. This is because the strong spices in the broth will give you an instant kick in your throat. This might result in coughing or spitting out food. Hence, balance the spice well and enjoy your spice.

A hot pot is easy to make and does not require immense effort and time. However, you need the perfect balance of spices and ingredients to make the best hot pot.

Use the ingredients that suit your taste well and allow your hot pot to cook. Give it enough time to simmer, and then pour it into a bowl and enjoy your vegetarian hot pot.

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