Many people think that becoming vegetarian means stopping all kinds of food related to animals like fish, chicken, meat and even eggs! However, that’s not the case. The argument for consuming eggs is simply that the eggs sold in supermarkets are not fertilised so they’re not turning into chickens anytime.

But not all vegetarians have eggs in their diet. There are different types of vegetarians like vegan who even skip on animal by-products (dairy, eggs and more), Lacto vegetarians who eat plant foods and some dairy products, pescatarians that eat plants and seafood and more.

So before you ask the question why do vegetarians eat eggs, understand that this is not always the case. However, the majority of the time you will encounter vegetarians that have eggs in their diet. There are several benefits of having eggs in one’s diet that you may not be aware of.

Why do vegetarians eat eggs?

Here we have listed some of the reasons why a vegetarian may choose to have eggs as part of their daily diet.

Source of protein

Vegetarians have limited options when it comes to having protein in their diet. Protein is important for humans as it plays a role in immune response, cellular repair, creating blood cells and more. Eggs can be a great source of protein with a single large egg having more than 6 grams of protein. You may have heard that eggs are high in cholesterol leading to high blood cholesterol levels however, there are several conflicting research leaving individuals to decide whether they want to avoid eggs or embrace it.

High in vitamins

Eggs are not only loaded with proteins but the white part of an egg is filled with different types of vitamins. Eggs are packed with selenium which act as an antioxidant, vitamin D, B6, B12 and many minerals like iron, zinc and more. If you’re looking to be a vegetarian, you’ll definitely end up skipping on a lot of nutrition without the aid of a nutritionist creating a balanced diet for you. Eggs are a sure fire way of knowing you’re getting most of the daily recommended nutrients.

Eggs can help reduce weight

Wonder why many vegetarians end up being skinny or fit? That’s because eggs are extremely fulfilling. Eggs is one of those foods that is responsible for inducing feelings of fullness. A study on 30 overweight women suggested that those eating eggs for breakfast instead of bagels felt more full and consumed lesser calories in 36 hours than those that did not eat eggs. So, if you’re looking to lose weight and stay healthy, eat eggs in moderation. Another study conducted in China suggested that eating one egg a day can reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Makes the diet more interesting

There are so many ways eggs can be cooked making it a very versatile food item. Eggs can be boiled, fried, scrambled or made into an omelette and all of them will taste differently. Eggs can be used to make spanish frittatas or added in a recipe to make cakes, pastries and even french toast. The list of recipes that includes eggs are endless. With meat cut out of their diet, eggs can change things up and make dishes more interesting while at the same time providing a greater variety. So the next time you ask the questions why do vegetarians eat eggs, it’s because they are delicious.

Now that you’ve gotten the answer to the question “why do vegetarians eat eggs”, let’s take a look at the different types of eggs that can be consumed besides chicken eggs.

Variety of eggs

There are many types of eggs, however only a few that can be consumed besides chicken eggs.

Quail eggs

These are some of the most known types of eggs that are consumed by humans across the world. Quail eggs are popular among gourmet chefs and have a similar flavor to chicken eggs. They are often used to complete a dish by placing a fried quail egg on top of a main course or served as hard-boiled eggs.

Ducks eggs

Duck eggs also share similar tastes with a chicken egg but are larger in size. They contain more protein and nutrients but also have a higher fat content. Duck eggs have a distinctive color when boiled as the white turns light blue and the yolk turns into red-orange color.

Ostrich eggs

These are not so common as the other types of eggs but are still consumed by people in different parts of the world. Ostrich eggs are huge and said to be a great source of B vitamins and choline. However, they do contain lower levels of vitamin E and A but are rich in iron and magnesium when compared to chicken eggs.

So if you were wondering why do vegetarians eat eggs, now you know all the health benefits associated with consuming eggs. It balances a vegetarian diet more than other types of food. Not only are they delicious to eat but it’s quick to cook and serve unlike meat. No wonder you’ll find at least a dozen eggs in a student’s room at a university dorm.

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